ENERGO-PRO believes that protecting the environment is integral to sustainable development. The principles of sustainable development- value creation, sustainable environmental performance and corporate social responsibility - are integral to ENERGO-PRO’s business strategy. There are four pillars of Environmental Policy for which we have assigned actions to assist our progress towards sustainable development.


1.Management Systems

  • - Comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, codes of practice and performance requirements o international financial institutions
  • - Adopt and enforce international standards and systems that ensure continuous environmental improvement.
  • - Set corporate objectives and targets and monitor progress.
  • - Promote environmental commitment through training and integration into business process.
  • - Establish and measure the significant environmental impacts of our operations, set targets for performance

improvements and monitor progress against those targets in areas including but not limited to energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage/quality and waste.

2. Resource Utilization

  •  - Ensure optimum use of raw materials, including energy efficiency, water efficiency and reduction of wastes in all investments and operations.
  •  - Development of innovative and sustainable products and processes.

3. Environmental and Social Impacts

  • - Operate as an environmentally and socially responsible business
  • - Minimise the environmental impacts of our operations.
  • - Rehabilitate land that is impacted by our activities including identifying opportunities to protect and enhance cultural sites and biodiversity.
  • - Respond to the challenges presented by climate change by identifying opportunities to reduce our carbon print.
  • - Ensure that employees have a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate to their environmental responsibilities and are aware of actions they can take to reduce their impacts.

4. Stakeholder Relations

  • - Effectively engage and communicate with stakeholders in relation to environmental matters.


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