ENERGO-PRO recognizes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR matters) is  of increasing importance to staff and interested parties, including clients, and is fundamental to the continued success of the organisation.

Our CSR Policy mainly contributes in the following areas:

     - Livelihood enhancement projects
     - Ensuring environmental sustainability
     - Promoting education
     - Others as may be identified in the future.

ENERGO-PRO believes that its CSR Policy shall provide long-term benefits to its employees, customers, partners and individuals in all communities around the world, and will focus on the nine key areas:

Environmental Impacts: Environment initiatives can be through (e.g) plantation, rejuvenating and conserving the natural resources. Managing business development and site activities in order to maximise on recycling opportunities and minimise the risk of pollution, waste and nuisance to stakeholders and to have minimal impact on the natural environment and to promote usage of environmentally friendly alternative energy.

Social Management: Enabling local communities to develop their potential and supporting the enhancment of their life quality and livelihood restoration. Livelihood Initiatives for enhancing livelihoods of disadvantaged communities can be through (e.g.) projects encouraging self-help, capacity building, livestock development services and micro credit support from related ministries.

Employees: Respecting the values of employees, providing good conditions at work and equal opportunities, Improving employee satisfaction and through training, developing their intellectual capacity for their greater benefit and quality of life, encouraging employee to volunteer and involve actively.

Health and Safety: Embedded in all activities and processes for the provision of a safe working environment, wherever that may be.

Sustainable Development: Long term impacts arising from the communities that the ENERGO-PRO interacts with including energy efficiency, meeting social and economic needs.

Relationships with Customers: Being responsive to customer needs and providing a quality assured service that intrinsically incorporates all relevant legislative considerations.

Suppliers and Partners: Treating suppliers fairly and driving CSR codes of practice throughout the services supply chain. Integrating sustainability perspective within the companies’ value chain.

Stakeholder  Engagement: Charitable giving and engagement with local communities through funding, support and work experience programmes.

Compliance: Encouraging high standards of professionalism throughout the company and promoting best practice in respect of ethical behaviour.

The Organisation's CSR Policy shall be implemented and maintained through the following key policies:

    - Equal Opportunities Policy
    - Ethical Conduct Policy
    - Environmental Policy
    - Health & Safety Policy
    - Anti-Bribery
    - Fair Competition
    - Grievance Mechanism

ENERGO-PRO is pleased to engage with all interested parties regarding CSR matters. For further information contact Celal KOZUMALİ, General Manager