ENERGO-PRO owns 5 operating HPPs in Turkey – Reşdiye Cascade (comprising of three HPPs), Hamzalı HPP and Aralık HPP. The company continues in its investment and constructing activities with the Karakurt Dam and HPP Project in Kars and the Alpaslan 2 Project in Muş province.

The Alpaslan 2 Dam & HPP Project with scheduled installed capacity of 280 MW is a very important energy investment with the largest dam in Turkey to be owned by a private sector. The investment will contribute to economic development of the region.

In addition to the compliance with the legislation, the project carries out environmental and social adaptation activities within the framework of the performance requirements of international financial institutions and carries out its approach carefully in all projects caries out its approach carefully in all aspects.

Beyond compliance with the legislation, we are proud to serve our stakeholders in social management with resettlement and livelihood restructuring projects in line with international standards. ENERGO-PRO is an exemplary and pioneering company in the hydropower plant investments of the energy sector, which serves not only the economic and energy activities of the country, but also serves the nature and the people through social management activities.